Archive | January, 2013

Slowing Down the Dialogue After Newtown

Shortly after the terrible shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the public square filled with a cacophony of voices and, running through them all, a sense of urgency. We have to do something NOW, while the tragedy is still fresh in everyone’s mind and the story is still in the headlines. That urgency has produced [...]

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To Label or Not To Label? Is That the Question?

Let’s talk about labels. Planned Parenthood’s recent decision to drop the label “pro-choice” reminds me of Public Conversations’ experience with the meaning and impact of labels. As dialogue facilitators, we neither support nor condone choices related to the labels people use and how they use them. But there’s a lot to notice from the facilitator’s chair, [...]

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Contested Memory and Conversation in Argentina

Argentines are careful with the word disappeared. It is rarely used for car keys or scraps of paper, the ordinary objects that get lost and found each day. Here, memories of people taken from subway stops, apartment buildings, cafes, buses, office buildings, sidewalks, and schools echo in the word. Los desaparecidos, the disappeared, refers to [...]

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