Archive | May, 2013

Why Dialogue?

In short: Pelé. Nicaragua. Studs Terkel. Bus rides. Democracy. Hello world. As a way of both introducing myself and sparking reflection on the challenge of bringing people together to dialogue on important public issues, I’d like to explore what brings me to dialogue. Why dialogue? What was the hook—from the beginning? What about now? Resisting [...]

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Leaping Across the Divide: A New Conversation on Guns (Part One)

I am not violently opposed to guns, but they play no part in my life and I cannot think of a person I know who owns one. As such, I know very little about them, their distinctions and uses. When it comes to the controversy over guns, I think of gun violence—suicide impulses acted upon, family shootings, Newtown [...]

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The Differences that Connect Us: Finding Each Other After the Boston Lockdown

Within mere minutes of Governor Patrick lifting the “shelter in place” order on that strange Friday last month, a friend texted me to see if I wanted to join a group of friends for an impromptu gathering. Inside of that hour I was leaving my apartment in Cambridge, climbing into the car and driving to [...]

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