Archive | November, 2014

Talking About Gender and the Power of Dialogue

By Katie Hyten Gender issues have been making some serious waves these past few months. A woman from Columbia University joined college students around the country to make sexual assault on college campuses front-page news by carrying the mattress she was assaulted on around campus. Twitter conversations surrounding #yesallwomen and #notallmen, with over a million [...]

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Guns: From Debate to Dialogue in Montana

This weekend, Public Conversations Project is co-sponsoring community dialogues with the Montana Mediation Association in Butte, MT, around gun issues. It’s a topic that can be highly divisive, and Public Conversations and local partnersĀ Linda Gryczan and Rose Everett-MartinĀ are working to help community members come together for civil conversations about the issues. Read more about the [...]

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