About Public Conversations

Since 1989, Public Conversations has worked to prevent and transform conflict driven by deep difference in identity, beliefs or values. We have designed and facilitated dialogues on a wide range of contentious issues including partisan politics, homosexuality and communities of faith, the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, post-genocide reconciliation, labor standards in the developing world, and racial, cultural, and economic divides at nonprofits and academic institutions, and many more.

Public Conversations first entered the public eye in 1994 after facilitating a series of groundbreaking dialogues between pro-life and pro-choice leaders following the fatal shooting of women’s health clinic workers in Greater Boston. We also facilitated conversations about human sexuality among bishops from six continents that led to recommendations to the Archbishop about how to deal with conflictual issues within the Communion.

Our distinctive approach incorporates best practices from family therapy, psychology, appreciative inquiry, dialogue, and deliberation. Our staff has worked regionally, nationally, and globally in 38 U.S. states and 15 countries.