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Natalie is Project Coordinator and a dialogue practitioner at Public Conversations. She also serves as assistant editor to this blog. Natalie studied psychology and peace and justice studies at Wellesley College, where she was deeply involved in on-campus dialogue efforts. She is trained in mediation and community organizing and has worked in the fields of mental health, gender violence and social justice.

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The Differences that Connect Us: Finding Each Other After the Boston Lockdown

Within mere minutes of Governor Patrick lifting the “shelter in place” order on that strange Friday last month, a friend texted me to see if I wanted to join a group of friends for an impromptu gathering. Inside of that hour I was leaving my apartment in Cambridge, climbing into the car and driving to [...]

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To Label or Not To Label? Is That the Question?

Let’s talk about labels. Planned Parenthood’s recent decision to drop the label “pro-choice” reminds me of Public Conversations’ experience with the meaning and impact of labels. As dialogue facilitators, we neither support nor condone choices related to the labels people use and how they use them. But there’s a lot to notice from the facilitator’s chair, [...]

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