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Creating Welcoming Communities: Immigration in America

Communities throughout the United States are struggling today with conflicts around growing immigrant populations. This is especially true in areas that are straining to recover from major economic shifts. These communities often experience heightened anxiety that can lead to mistrust, hate crimes, and reluctance of new arrivals to interact with long-time residents. Public Conversations is […]

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“I’m Not Like That”: Why It Offends, Where It Makes Sense

A few months ago, an article on feminist masculinity on the Women in Theology blog sparked a difficult, testy, extraordinary conversation on a friend’s Facebook page. It also happened to strike repeatedly on one of my rawest nerves. The article is so tightly written that a quick scan—with a word or sentence taken out of […]

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Why Dialogue?

In short: Pelé. Nicaragua. Studs Terkel. Bus rides. Democracy. Hello world. As a way of both introducing myself and sparking reflection on the challenge of bringing people together to dialogue on important public issues, I’d like to explore what brings me to dialogue. Why dialogue? What was the hook—from the beginning? What about now? Resisting […]

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