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Preparing to Connect

When I think about things I’ve said in my life that I regret, I notice some common threads. First, these regrettable utterances almost always arise from some kind of conflict over something I care about. The more intensely I care, the higher the conversational stakes, the more likely it is I’ll say something I regret. […]

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Craving Conversation in School

After Horacio Moreno observed a dialogue I facilitated with his students at a public high school in Buenos Aires, he helped me place what had just happened in a context I hadn’t fully realized was there. “I’m going to use some of the tools you used in the dialogue,” Horacio said. “They may seem very […]

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Rethinking the Expert Mentality

I’m starting to notice trainings and presentations that offer mediators and negotiators insights into how the brain works. The idea is that this knowledge will help them be more successful in getting people to a positive result. The emphasis seems to be on improved techniques for practicing on the clients. This strikes me as something […]

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